Andy’s official first blog and selfie

Andy’s official first blog and selfie

Welcome Chef Boban, and fellow classmates of HOSF1029,


My name is Andrew Kim, and this photo you see  is the very first selfie ever taken by yours truly.   I have enrolled in George Brown’s Chef Training program, as I wanted to branch off into a different career path where I would work towards being self employed.   I hope to keep a blog of my experiences here as I work through all of the culinary classes.

I am not currently working in the industry and have no previous experience in the kitchen.  Believe it or not, I have spent the last several years working for one of the major banks in mortgage financing before deciding to leave this summer.   It perhaps took too long for me to realize that I do not have a passion in making a  greedy multinational corporation more rich.

I’m not certain if I have a personal philosophy in cooking just yet, as I am just beginning this new career path.   However, I have always been interested in doing the basics properly, and am an advocate of setting a strong foundation for future growth, I expect to tackle my culinary skills and knowledge the same way.   However, in the meantime, I have always enjoyed a long BBQ with slow cooked meats, always accompanied with a pint!

“Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but its a start.”      (Anthony Bourdain. (n.d.). Retrieved September 18, 2016, from Web site:


(Staff, B. (2004, May). Beer and BBQ. Retrieved September 17, 2016, from




I believe the Blogging assignments will be beneficial in getting to know and understand our fellow classmates throughout the year.   I find some of the classes can be quite hectic at times, and it leaves very little opportunity to get to know your classmates on more than a superficial level.   I hope these blogs give us an opportunity to get to know some colleagues on a deeper level.

I have only recently begun following some food blogs, but I seem to enjoy the more lighthearted comical ones.   One I have been following is which covers strange food articles that would not normally be considered traditional, yet it was recently nominated for Saveur’s 2016 Blog Awards.   The reason why I selected this particular blog is because it doesn’t find it necessary to follow the traditional food blog blueprint, yet is very popular.   While I like their strategy of discussing food while focusing on an entirely different theme, I hope to keep a stronger focus on the culinary experience in my own personal blog.

Until next time… Cheers!


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