Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ


Keeping with the theme so far of BBQ’d foods, I decided to try a new restaurant at Church and Adelaide.   It was intriguing as I had never had Japanese BBQ, and wasn’t quite sure what to expect.   It was almost a fusion BBQ joint that served a wide variety of meats to be grilled at the table:


What made this a great location for our theory class was that I was able to try a wide variety of foods and flavours.   In addition to getting 5 different types of meat to BBQ, we were given a 3 sauce dish depending on what we found palatable.   This ensured you would experience the five basic tastes of salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and umame while consuming this meal.


In terms of variety, this was a great place as we had different flavours and different textures of meat to be grilled.   In addition, grilling your own meat gave us the option of cooking our meats to our desired temperature.   Finally, you cant really hate a place that serves litre mugs of beer!


While 4 of the dishes were the usual beef or pork belly you may find at a BBQ, I did order one unknown item off the menu called Horumon.   Seeing as how this dish looked a little unusual, I decided not to look up what it was until I had eaten it.   I have to apologize as I took quite possibly the worst photo of this new dish… I got caught up eating the food, and I am not accustomed to photographing my meals lol, nevertheless here is the Horumon:


I did enjoy the Horumon more than expected, probably cause I was unaware what it was.   It seemed to be a very fatty piece of meat that needed to be cooked well done.   I almost expected a gamey or sour flavour, but it seemed to be more sweet and savoury.   To be honest, the flavour was very underwhelming to say the least, the main experience was in the texture.   It is almost a really fatty piece of meat you have to chew thoroughly to ingest. I should warn that there were many flareups as it was very fatty.   While I did find the food somewhat palatable, the texture made me immediately think of intestines, which I did not google to confirm until I got home.   My suspicions were right, and im not sure if I would order this dish again as there were so many other options of meats.

Overall, this was a good experience at Gyu-Kaku where you are able to enjoy an activity of grilling your own meat.   I enjoyed that they had a combination of sauces to tailor make your meal to your own taste buds.   Would I get the Horumon again?   probably not, but i’ll check out Gyu-Kaku again for the meats I have yet to try… and the 32oz beer!



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